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Clever Kitty Creations offers a creative writing service that provides prose stories direct to you, tailored to your specific requests. You may specify your own characters, themes and settings, or allow the writer to create these for you. Once completed, your story becomes yours, to do with as you wish (see terms and conditions for further details).

Standard story commissions are priced simply around a flat rate of 1 per 100 words, with no upper word limit. All story requests are accepted (as long as they comply with the terms and conditions), and no challenge will be turned down. If you would like to discuss any particular details about your story ideas, or have any questions in general, please get in touch via the contact tab above.

So, if you have a story burning a hole in your head, aching to get out onto the page, now is the time to make it happen! You will find the application form on the Commissions tab above.

The writer, Ben Martin, holds a BA in Creative Writing from the University of Leeds. His cat, Alfie, holds no such qualification, but considers himself to be just as clever. Cats are like that.

"I have commissioned several stories from Musuko, all involving my own characters and several of his own creations. The stories were very well written and all through the process I was able to give suggestions and requests to get the stories that I wanted and more." - Wolfy Adder

"An awe inspiring typographical wizard that brings to life fantasies that aren't tangible in the physical word. Both enjoyable to converse with and brings a fresh perspective to a crowded line of work, and isn't afraid to dabble with more quirky entreaties while being original to mainstream appeals. A range of delicious stories to read...unless you are one of those that doesn't find pleasure in amusement, or reading, or cats in general." - L.Stocks

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